What is Moodle?

PSB Academy uses Moodle to deliver our online training. Moodle is a Learning Management System that is accessed through an internet browser so it is available wherever there is an Internet connection. 

This site contains a number of courses. Each course is different depending on the needs of the course participants. Courses can contain text information, links to resources, discussion forums, quizzes, questionnaires and other activities. 

How do I find my way around this site? 

Finding your way around this site is very simple. We recommend that you use the in-built Moodle navigation rather than using your internet browser navigation (forward and back arrows). 

The breadcrumbs, located in the banner above, show where you are and how you got there. Use the breadcrumbs to navigate back to other areas.


The left side navigation menu can be expanded and collapsed by clicking on the yellow button located in the top menu.  

menu button

When expanded you will have direct access to a number of other areas within the site including all of your enrolled courses.


When in a course you will need to collapse the navigation menu so that it does not appear over the top of your content as shown below.


The top menu bar gives you direct access to pages and areas in the site such as this page.

menu bar

On the right side of the top menu bar you will have access to your profile settings and other areas such as your dashboard, grades, messages and preferences. You can also log out form here. Select the small arrow to the right of your profile picture to reveal the options.


What is my 'Profile'? 

Every user has a public profile. This contains information about you that is visible to people who are in the same course as you. You can edit your profile and customise your preferences. 

To edit your profile select Profile from the list. 

Select the settings icon in the top right of your profile page to edit your profile and password, and change your preferences for language, forum, editor, course, calendar, messages and notifications.


How do I change my profile picture? 

The profile picture is usually displayed next to the user's name. For example, next to content they have posted in a forum, or in a participant list. 

To change your profile picture you will need to go to your profile page and select edit profile. Scroll down to User picture and add a new picture by dragging and dropping the picture file into the upload box.

What do I do if I get stuck? 

If you have any questions regarding the use of this site, please click here.

Last modified: Monday, 6 February 2017, 10:09 AM