When you think of a Fortune Cookie, what comes to mind? 

Yes! You crack open the cookie, unroll the fortune slip hidden inside, and unravel an inspiring message.

Inspired by this idea, PSB Academy Student Affairs, and Industry Engagement is proud to present to you "Career Cookies", a brand-new series of bite-sized videos featuring experts who share practical tips on career employability, inspiration, and hope. 

Presented by Student Affairs & Industry Engagement, Keep It Lit - Bite Sized Snippets is a video series on wellness and student development on how to stay healthy and motivated at PSB Academy.

Conducted once a month, our Career Readiness Workshop aims to help student pick up specific skill-sets that are essential in assisting them with their job search. Speakers for the workshop are all industry experts with years of leadership experience in their field. To start learning more about our workshops, enroll now!


At Student Affairs, we pride ourselves in igniting and re-igniting the curiosities of many, and make learning fun, beyond your classroom.

Enter “Supertalks”, a brand new series of bite-sized sessions individually curated to Uplift, Expand and even Challenge you! From life hacks, to cool skills to wow your friends, to inspiring stories that change lives, there’s always something to satiate your thirst and passion for continuous learning.

So come forth because what you seek may just be around the corner!

We are proud to introduce Identi3, a Psychometric Test designed to help identify your true personality and our very own Career Coaches at PSB Academy are all trained in using this personality tool to help you identify your ideal career paths & how to work towards your dream job through self improvements & adaptation to your strengths!